Thursday, March 8, 2012

Danville Stroke Victim Found Unexpected Help

Danville, VA ---Seven years ago, Jan Harris, the owner of Midtown Market in Danville, suffered a stroke. But what she attributes to her recovery amazed everyone.

Harris was only 41 when an unknown birth defect took its course and caused her to have a stroke. After days in a coma and months out of work, she finally went back to her home away from home: her store.

Inside the hometown grocery store, Harris grew up behind a cash register. But seven years ago Jan started showing symptoms of something she didn't even know she had.

"Very strange. Three days was headaches, and migraines. And one day was blind, one eye was blind," said Harris.

Two doctor's visits couldn't find her an answer, and before she could get to a third, she suffered a stroke.

"It was very scary because you never know what the outcome of something like that is going to be," said Debbie Harville, who's worked at Midtown Market for 25 Years.

"She felt, as do many people that suffer a stroke, stupid," said Betty Marshall, a speech pathologist.

But a year later with only the ability to say a handful of words, Harris bravely returned to her home away from home.

"Every day something different. Communication. And much better every day, every day, every d......